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How COVID can turn your life around?

COVID-19: How has this experience impacted decisions in your life? Has anything changed for you? Are you desperate for business as usual? Do you think it is possible for business as usual? Or, are we all seeing through a new lens? The answer is up to you!

Yes, it is true that there are many things that have changed and will not return to "normal" for a long time - if ever. Sort of like 911, we will never return to security check procedures that existed pre-911. And, yes, we all have been forced, if you will, to make different choices than we prefer due to gathering restrictions, social isolation, closures of many businesses (some permanent) and fear and anxiety of uncertainties.

We do, however, still have the choice of how we will react, how we will view the experience, what we will choose to learn, and what decisions we make - short-term or long-term- and small or big. You see, God has given us all the power of choice in our thoughts, feelings and behaviors. In some ways, I believe this pandemic has offered us a gift of reflection and priority setting. We can step back and examine our pre-COVID choices and what we want to retain or let go of.

So, where are you with choices? Are you temped to make long-term big choices that you have been ignoring, perhaps a calling or chance to live differently, maybe a different pace or different drivers? Are you examining your health, health behaviors and relationships? Are you examining your spirit and soul? Are they in need of renewal and nourishment?

Many of you know I am a behavior change scientist, mental health clinician, health behavior coach, scholar and teacher, Many of you know I have been driven throughout my career to achieve, to compete, and to keep climbing. And, many of you know I am deeply committed to health and wellness.

However, many of you don't know that I struggle with anxiety, self-doubt, shame, insecurity and not being enough. Anxiety can be paralyzing and brings tremendous suffering. There were times in my thirties with being a new mother that I thought I was truly going crazy with intrusive thoughts. I have also struggled most of my life with somatic symptoms and worry that has at times zapped peace and joy from my life. Yet, I have found comfort and strength through my faith journey, meditation, journaling, reading, and sharing with my best friends. I have come a long way on my journey, and mindfulness and meditation have helped me beyond measure to become aware of my own destructive thoughts and sometimes ego.

I am called to serve as a mental and behavior change expert, integrative nurse coach who builds on the foundation of nursing as a compassionate caring profession, There is no doubt and the signs keep growing about my purpose. This period of time has provided me important reflection and attention to further pursuing my purpose.

How About You??? Are you finding your way?

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1 Comment

May 28, 2020

What an awesome resource my friend. Leaning in to your passion and purpose you will help so many others!

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